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House Bill 2050

Dear Pro-Life Friends: Thanks to those of you who contacted your PA State Representative to vote YES on HB 2050 giving children in the womb that are diagnosed with Down syndrome the right to life!!! It passed 139 to 56. It was an extreme view that babies could be aborted solely based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. But, now they will be protected. Passing House Bill 2050 into law will save lives. Pennsylvania law already says you cannot have an abortion solely based on your desire to have a boy instead of a girl. This law will simply add that you cannot have an abortion solely based on your child having Down syndrome. Please Thank Representatives from southwestern PA who voted YES: PRO-LIFE Bernstine, Christiana, Cook, Deasy, DeLuca, Dowling, Dunbar, Dush, Ellis, English, Evankovich, Nelson, James, Kortz, Kulik, Longietti, Maher, Markosek, Marshall, Matzie, Metcalfe, Mustio, Nelson, Nesbit, Oberlander, Ortity, Petrarca, Pyle, Readshaw, Reed, Reese, Saccone, Sainato, Snyder, Turzai, Warner, Wentling. We are disappointed that these representatives vote NO = PRO-ABORTION Dom Costa, Paul Costa, Davis, Dermody, Frankel, Gainey, Miller, Ravenstahl, Wheatley




Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Thanks to the hard work and determination of Kathy Laslow (412-420-4657) and a small cadre’ of pro-lifers, a woman approaching the doors of Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh can get a “better offer” than the death of her baby. Trained by “Sidewalk Advocates for Life,” these men and women offer kind words, a free sonogram of the baby and all the practical assistance necessary through pregnancy. Call Kathy for details.


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Do you or someone you know suffer from the pain of loss and guilt over an abortion? Is some you know suffering from depression and doesn’t understand why?

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