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We update this page with pro-life videos and other resources as we receive them.

Many of these videos can be borrowed from the office

Here are some pro-life DVD’s, movies and videos we recommend:

OCTOBER BABY – 106 MIN.. After her parents reveal she was adopted following a failed abortion attempt, Hannah is bewildered, angry and confused. Hannah joins a group of friends on a journey to discover her past. She finds hope for her future and so much more. – can see trailer and/or  purchase $14.95         also at Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492  and many other sites.

 BELLA – 91 min. –  Lives of an international soccer star and a waitress are turned upside down—until a gesture of kindness brings them both together. Inspired by a true story. PG-13 and  Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492  $6.50

MEET THE ABORTION PROVIDERS. 59 min –  ABORTION THE INSIDE STORY. 58 min – Testimony from former abortion providers: doctors, clinic owners, clinic assistants, and other clinic staff. How they became involved and eventually left the abortion industry. –  $25  trailers available

WAIT FOR ME. VIDEO. When Johnny meets someone totally out of his world he lands in a mine field of questions and choices. Honest and highly entertaining film looks at decisions every teen needs to make about sex. The film is designed for parents, pastors and youth leaders to watch with their teens. Discussion on sexuality and what the Bible says. Doesn’t threaten, doesn’t preach doesn’t beg. Presented by Concerned Women for America (CWA). 28 min. – may not have dvd only a book

THE SONG OF SONGS. Leonardo & Patti Defilippis. Poem of love from the Scriptures. Patti and Leonardo, in an idyllic natural setting, present a prayerful meditation on the love of the bridegroom and bride. With a combination of music and dramatic interpretation, they capture many levels of symbolic meaning the “the sublime song.” No time given. Video.

BLOOD MONEY. Documentary exposes the truth behind the holocaust of abortion by taking an all-encompassing look at the industry. Narrated by Alveda King. Presented by Norma McCorvey, Carol Everett, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Father Frank Pavone, Troy Newman and Joe Scheidler. Topics are covered in 18 chapters.

THE GIFT OF PEACE. First six chapters of St. Luke’s Gospel. Leonardo Defilippis. Captures the life and powerful meaning of Christ’s infancy and early ministry. A lesson in what God is asking of us – to be the image of Christ for all the world to see. Video.

SAINT FRANCIS. Troubadour of God’s Peace. Leonardo Defilippis. Video.

ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS. Story of the greatest poet that Spain has ever known. 60 min.Video.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Masterpiece. Winner of three Academy Awards. How a loving, cheerful man deals with the horrors of WWII as they threaten to overcome his life and his love for his wife and child. PG-13. 118 min.

THIS IS MY BODY.  Talks by Fr. Frank Pavone.  Inspiring – all ages No time given.

MAXIMILIAN. Saint of Auschwitz. Performed by Leonardo Defilippis. 76 min. Video. In 1941 Fr. Kolbe was arrested by the Gestapo for his work against the Nazi death forces. Used for slave labor, frequently beaten and subjected to humiliations and in the end offered to take the place of married man condemned to death by starvation. Beautiful musical score.

FATIMA. Depicts dramatized scenes of Our Lady’s six appearances to three Portugese children in 1913. Her messages and warnings about Russia. Our Lady outlines her peace plan and demonstrates the Power of Heaven with the “Miracle of the Sun”- which gyrates back and forth across the sky for 12 minutes – witnessed by 80,000 people. Five witnesses to the Miracle are interviewed and new film of Siste

You are a Masterpiece – about life in your mother’s womb using state-of the-art computer animation and in-uteri photography. Ages 5-12

28 Days on the Pill – A Christian worker, his family and a nurse friend investigate throughout North America to uncover the truth about the birth control pill. Approx. 45 min. Teens and older.

Christy – Four DVDs. 19 Episodes. Kellie Martin stars as a young woman brought up in luxury who goes teach in an impoverished part of the Great Smoky Mountains. She looks to her faith to guide her in this compelling and moving series. Total 907 minutes. Family.

Love is Patient – Benefits of saving sex for marriage. Young people share the message from personal testimonies. 32 minutes. Teens.

National Geographic: The Biology of Prenatal DevelopmentDescribes human prenatal development through 38 weeks of pregnancy. Rare imagery of living embryo and fetus. 42 minutes. Students and up. Produced by Endowment for Human Development $19.95

Sarah’s ChoiceYoung woman on the elevator of success. The only thing stopping her is an unexpected pregnancy. Torn between life and death, she is visited by a mysterious stranger who foretells the coming of three visions that will challenge her heart. Added “Special Features”: Behind the scenes, Trailers. Commentary. 90 minutes. Teens and up.  $7.92

LETTERS TO AN UNKNOWN DAUGHTER – 40 min. – $15.99 – In 1974, 17-year-old became pregnant. Considered abortion. Her family rallied, and she had the baby and gave her for adoption. Later, married with four children, she started a file of letters, pictures and mementos, all available to her unknown daughter. In this presentation, taped before a live audience, Anita tells her story and shares insights about God’s desire to know and be known by his children. – this site has other good family type stories   Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492

CULTURE OF LIFE – Eight episodes, 30 min. ea. – $29.95 – Classroom

Changes in the field of Bioethics call for clear answers from scientific and ethical points of view. This series blends scientific progress with a respectful approach vis-à-vis human suffering. (not for buses).  Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492

RESCUED – 62 minutes – $19.99 – The heart of adoption and caring for orphans. James 1:27. Today in America there are as many as 144,000 boys and girls in foster care wanting to be adopted. This film moves Christians to talk about adoption and inspires them to love and care for our orphans. Vision Video 1-800-476-2492

HIDDEN IN SILENCE. $6.50 – 90 min. In Poland during WWII, while some stand silent, a teenager sneaks 13 Jews into her attic. True story. Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492

RUNNING INSIDE OUT – $14.99 – 85 MIN. Based on a true story.

With a dream job, a fresh start and an inspired passion for running, Kim is forced to the edge by a sequence of painful life circumstances, including an unplanned pregnancy. It’s about one woman’s search for lasting love.  Vision Video via 1-800-476-2492

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