Breast Cancer and Abortion

New Study Links Abortion to Breast Cancer Rise

A MAJOR NEW STUDY IS SHOWING SUBSTANTIAL INCREASES in the rates of breast cancer tracking with high levels of abortion, adding to the evidence of an abortion/breast cancer link. And the study was done in a country where the numbers of abortions have mushroomed in recent years: Red China.

“The researchers say they were initially puzzled by their findings,” writes Peter Baklinski for, “stating that Chinese women ‘historically’ have had lower rates of breast cancer compared to women from western countries such as the US. They found, however, that incidences of breast cancer in [mainland] China increased at an ‘alarming rate’ over the past two decades, corresponding,” he notes, “with the rise of the Chinese Communist Party’s one-child policy” of forcing abortions on Chinese families. …

“‘The marked change in breast cancer incidence was paralleled to the one-child-per-family policy,’ the researchers stated,” quoted by LifeSiteNews.

Researchers found, writes Mr. Baklinski, “that the risk of breast cancer increased as the number of abortions increased. Two abortions increased the risk by 76%, three by 89%,” according to the study.

But researchers also found significant risk even after one abortion. “The overall risk of developing breast cancer among women having only one abortion increased by 44%.”

The study summary declared, reports LifeSiteNews: “‘The most important implication of this study is that induced abortion was significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among Chinese females, and the risk of breast cancer increases as the number of induced abortions increases.’”

Joel Brind, PhD, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, in a commentary published by LifeSiteNews, called the study a “‘game changer.’”  Dr. Brind has carried on a decades-long battle to get medical authorities in the US to acknowledge the link, which at one time was published on a US government medical research website but was taken down after pressure from the abortion lobby.

“The problem [with acknowledging the link] isn’t faulty science,” he writes, “rather politicized science and faulty journalism. … Fortunately, over the past five years,” he writes, “lots of new studies documenting the reality of the abortion-breast cancer link have appeared from around the world in international, open-access journals, largely from Asia. It is indeed ironic that many of these studies reporting a significant A-BC link have been conducted in countries such as Iran and mainland China,” he notes, “whereas the Western journals have largely presented a great wall of denial.”

Life Advocacy Briefing
December 16, 2013


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