Equal Care Concept

Equal Care Concept

Equal Care for Mother and Preborn Child

–No Exceptions—

The only way that the abortionists can hang on to wholesale abortion in our country is to be sure that they can hang on to at least “a little bit of abortion,” which they can parlay into an argument that, after all, abortion is respectable, needed, acceptable, favored by the majority of the citizens, and should be available for all women.

Thus the only way to stop abortion is to stop it! No exceptions.

Abortionists have cleverly pleaded for favoring the life of the mother over the life of a fetus, and this unfounded conflict of interest between mother and child, has found its way into legislation passed by congress to stop abortions and the public funding, thereof. The abortionists were eager to see this one exception, and then began to add more exceptions for rape, incest, deformed fetus, and on and on, until there was not stopping of abortion, at all.

The exception clause for the life of the mother has been very damaging, because some Members of Congress now believe that such statutory language is absolutely necessary to save the mother, inasmuch as it is in some important pieces of pro-life legislation. This “exception clause” must be removed and replaced with the proper pro-life clause “equal care and protection for both the mother and her preborn child.”

The “Equal Care Concept” was beautifully illustrated in the birth of the Frustaci Sextuplets in Orange California. Their mother spent the final two weeks of her pregnancy unable to move and lying on her side. “The babies were taking so much out of my body…toward the end I was on oxygen most of the time because four of the babies were lying right along my diaphragm, and one was pushing up on the sternum”.

Yet these were “wanted babies” and the doctors were monitoring Patti and giving her good pre-natal care. When it became evident that she could no longer carry these babies to term, they were delivered pre-mature with all the medical staff tenderly caring for all their needs. Despite all the efforts, one baby was still born and several died after birth. What a contrast to those who say “mother’s life is in danger”, therefore she can go to an abortion mill and have her baby suctioned out or salt poisoned or cut up in pieces.

When we adopt the “equal care and protection concept” all the abortion clinics and hospital abortion units could close their doors. We do not need their services. We are humane enough to care for both mother and child and we will do all possible to save both, and if mothers need to be delivered pre-mature and babies are delivered in a life enhancing setting and the baby dies –THAT IS NOT ABORTION.

People Concerned for the Unborn Child, supports the Equal Care Concept. We believe that every human life is sacred regardless of his/her circumstances, place of residence, race, color, creed or disability.

We will continue to work for equal care legislation and laws.

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